Flu Shots in Wayne

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Flu Vaccines: The time to protect yourself is now!

Don't underestimate the serious effects of influenza, commonly called the flu. The 2017-2018 flu season has been particularly severe nationwide, leading to thousands of hospitalizations. Your best defense against this potentially deadly disease may be a flu shot, which the Center for Disease Control now recommends for everyone over 6 months old.

Premier Urgent Care will provide your safe and affordable flu shot with little or no wait. It's not too late to get vaccinated against the flu!

Flu Vaccine:

Flu shots provide protection against the flu viruses that are most likely to become epidemic in a given year. Because of this, annual vaccination is important. Flu vaccines are given by an injection into the skin.

flu shots Flu vaccines are made of killed virus which cannot cause people to get the flu, despite myths to the contrary. The inactive virus allows your body to become immune to various strains of influenza, generally 3 per season. Flu shots take about 2 weeks to take effect, so come visit Premier Urgent Care today for yours! Remember that by getting your flu vaccine you are protecting more vulnerable people by not spreading the virus yourself!

When is Flu Season?

Flu season generally begins in November, and flu shots become available in August. In 2018, flu -related hospitalizations were still peaking in February and doctors are still recommending that everybody gets vaccinated.

Flu Shot Side Effects:

Flu shot side effects are mild in most people. Some people experience slight pain at the injection site, and others experience a brief period of mild flu-like symptoms. People that have had negative reactions to flu shots in the past should not get the flu shot. Our doctors at Premier Urgent Care will advise you about safety.

Flu Symptoms:

Sometimes a cold might be mistaken for the flu, as the symptoms can be difficult to distinguish. Typical flu symptoms include fever, aches, a runny nose or congestion, and aching muscles. Influenza symptoms typically come on more quickly than cold symptoms and may include more parts of the body, sometimes leading to chest congestion and dehydration. If you think you may have the flu, Premier Urgent Care's dedicated doctors can perform a flu test to determine which virus you have.

Flu Treatment:

While your first line of defense is a flu vaccine, you may be prescribed Tamiflu if your doctor believes that you have the flu. If you have flu-like symptoms, visit Premier Urgent Care today for convenient and affordable treatment.

Flu Duration:

The flu typically lasts about 4 or 5 days, although a lingering cough may remain and the illness is exhausting, which may leave you feeling weak for a while after recovering. Remember that the best treatment is prevention, make sure that you and your loved ones get flu shots every year!

Flu Prevention:

The best treatment for the flu is prevention, which includes your annual flu shot, frequent hand washing, and good hygiene. Premier Urgent Care will work with you throughout the year to make sure you are as safe from the flu as possible.