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Effective Flu Testing and Treatment in Westland, MI

Flu Treatment Clinic Westland MI - Premier Urgent Care - cold-and-flu-urgent-careDon’t get stuck with the flu – come get treated today!

Each year, millions of Americans are affected by influenza, causing them to take time off from work, school and their personal lives to fight off the virus. With symptoms including fever, aches, chills, cough, fatigue and congestion, the flu is enough to put you in bed for days. Serious cases of the flu have left patients hospitalized, and some are even fatal.

It is extremely important to take preventative flu measures, as well as to seek treatment immediately if you believe to have the flu. Premier Urgent Care is the area’s go-to place for flu prevention and treatment. With an experienced staff and no wait times, we’re your one-stop shop for all things flu-related. Our team of doctors is committed to minimizing flu downtime, preventing the disease from spreading to others and getting you back to your normal, healthy self!

The flu is nearly impossible to diagnose without a proper flu test.

Given the fact that the flu shares symptoms with the common cold and other illnesses, you may not know that you have it. Its symptoms vary from person to person so it can be a tricky virus to detect. It’s important to learn if you have been infected with the flu so as to prevent the infection from getting worse and spreading to others, and a flu test is the best way to do so. At Premier Urgent Care, our team consists of a staff of physicians who are available seven days a week to test you for the flu. It’s important to pay us a visit shortly after you believe to have been infected, and from there we can provide a treatment to relieve your symptoms. If deemed necessary, your provider can prescribe antiviral medication to improve your symptoms and shorten the length of the illness.

Preventing the flu is the best treatment of all!

It’s easy to wish you didn’t have the flu after you have become infected. It’s an extremely fatiguing illness, making even the easiest everyday tasks feel monumental. If you think back a few months before the infection, did you get a flu shot? If your symptoms are severe, it’s likely that you didn’t. The first line of defense against the flu is a flu vaccination, which is an affordable way to stop the virus dead in its tracks. At Premier Urgent Care, our staff not only treats the flu, but administers flu preventatives to keep you healthy year round. It’s important to become vaccinated each year around September, as the flu virus continuously mutates and each new vaccine keeps your body prepared annually.

Top ways to prevent the flu:

  • Get vaccinated!
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Using hand sanitizer is another effective option.
  • Avoid touching your face, so as to not deliver germs to your nose, eyes, mouth and ears.
  • Do not share drinks or food with others who may be infected.

If you think that you’ve become infected by the flu or simply want to get a flu shot, visit Premier Urgent Care today! We look forward to treating you!