Lab Testing

Quick Lab Testing Services in Westland, MI

Lab Testing Westland Michigan - STD Testing - Blood Tests - lab-testing-scienceWhen you need lab work done, you need answers – and fast.

It’s a common misconception that lab testing can only be done by your primary care doctor. It also doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars! At Premier Urgent Care, our goal is to provide affordable, quality lab testing services to our patients in a timely manner. Lab testing is necessary to diagnose and treat certain illnesses, as well as give you peace of mind for other reasons.

As such, both deserve the utmost urgency and should not be delayed just because it takes weeks to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Premier Urgent Care is open seven days a week and doesn’t have wait times, so you can quickly get the answers you need.

STD Tests

After unprotected sex, it’s important to not only you, but future partners, that you get tested. At Premier Urgent Care, our team is committed to giving our utmost discretion and understanding in this uncertain time. We test for all major sexually transmitted infections and offer treatment options in the event that they’re needed.

Pregnancy Tests

Whether you’ve been trying for a baby or may have concerns about being pregnant, Premier Urgent Care can give you the peace of mind you need. We offer pregnancy tests and in-house urinalysis to give you a definite yes or no as to if you’re expecting.

Strep, Flu and Common Cold Tests

It’s imperative to know which illness you’ve been affected by before providing a treatment. The doctors at Premier Urgent Care are able to evaluate you and determine which, if any, sickness has made you fall ill. From there, they can provide an effective remedy.

Electrocardiogram (EKG) Tests

If you suspect a cardiac problem, it’s important to get it examined as soon as possible. Our urgent care facility is well equipped with EKG machines to determine the reason for any chest pain, dizziness, heart palpitations and more.

Drug Tests

If you’re in need of testing to satisfy a probationary requirement, our team is able to conduct urinalysis to determine drug usage. We are able to provide documentation of our findings so you can pass it along to your probation officer. With our quick in and out times, drug testing at our urgent care facility is a breeze!

Contact or stop by Premier Urgent Care today for all of your lab testing needs! Between our friendly staff, experienced doctors and zero wait times, we’re the neighborhood’s go-to healthcare location!