Urgent Care Offering Physicals in Westland, MI

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There are many occasions where you will need a medical physical, and most of the time this means that you can’t wait to be seen by a doctor. These medical exams can be difficult to schedule, especially around school or athletic events. A doctor’s schedule will fill up a month or two before the start of a season or school year, leaving less desirable slots open for you.

The board-certified doctors at Premier Urgent Care offer physicals to their patients with no appointment required. With our extended hours seven days a week, you can simply walk in with the required paperwork and receive a thorough medical examination from our providers!

If you plan to play sports or your child is starting a new school, a physical is often a requirement.

This will ensure that you or they are medically fit to participate and highlight any medical concerns to those in charge. Many parents have brought their children to our walk-in clinic in Westland, MI with physical forms that need to be returned as soon as possible. There’s no need to panic about missing out on an activity or a school day; we can give your child a physical and have all paperwork filled out in a single visit!

Employers, ensure workplace safety with a pre-employment physical for any potential new hires.

We’ll make sure they are medically fit for the position at your business. Do you have specific concerns? Stop in today and talk to us one-on-one and we’ll customize a physical to suit your needs. Also, consider yearly physicals for your current workforce to make sure that they are healthy. Many illnesses and diseases can be caught early before they show symptoms; finding them early prevents a longer and more expensive recovery time. A yearly checkup will keep your workers and your bottom line healthy. Consider setting up a corporate account with us to facilitate all future visits to our facility!

Looking to acquire a commercial driver’s license, also known as a CDL?

You will need a DOT physical, which can be only obtained from a certified provider. Premier Urgent Care’s doctors in Westland, MI are accredited DOT physical providers. Our on-site lab allows us to process all of the screenings and tests needed for this specialized physical. A CDL license is valid for two years before someone must renew their DOT physical. Don’t miss a day of work because your primary care physician is unavailable; get a DOT physical today! We’ll get you in and out as quick as possible.

Premier Urgent Care accepts most major insurances, and we have self-pay options for those who are currently uninsured.

Visit our Patient Resources page to see a list of carriers we currently accept. Don’t see your insurance company listed? Contact our friendly staff today and we will be more than happy to assist you. When you need physicals in the Westland, MI area, you can rely on the highly-experienced doctors and medical staff at Premier Urgent Care.