Sprains & Strains

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Sports Injury Clinic Westland Michigan - Premier Urgent Care - ankle-and-knee-sprainWhen you need strain or sprain treatment, Premier Urgent Care is ready to help.

If you’ve fallen on or twisted a joint, odds are you’re in a lot of pain and discomfort. While this can either be a strain or a sprain, the doctors at Premier Urgent Care are experienced in diagnosing the problem and providing an effective treatment. Open seven days a week with no wait times, our clinic is your best bet for quick, reliable care.

Do I have a sprain or a strain?

Self-diagnosing your injury can be difficult, given that sprains and strains are quite similar. The main difference between them is what becomes damaged in each injury. A sprain damages the ligament, which is tissue holding two joints together. A strain, however, involves the tearing of muscle or tendons. Both are painful and uncomfortable, but understanding the cause of your injury helps the team at Premier Urgent Care to provide a treatment. Our doctors treat sprains and strains almost daily, so they’ll be able to quickly diagnose your own injury, recommend a treatment and get you on your way!

Despite the differences between sprains and strains, the treatments for both are essentially the same.

Since both injuries involve joints, your Premier Urgent Care doctor will have similar recommendations. First and foremost, resting the affected area is extremely important. Your body needs to repair itself, and it’s difficult for it to do so if the injury is constantly being exerted. Keeping the joint elevated helps any excess fluids from moving away from the injury and reduce swelling. Icing the affected joint is necessary, but remember to put a cloth between your skin and the ice directly so as to not induce frostbite. Depending on the severity of the sprain or strain, your Premier Urgent Care physician may prescribe medication for the pain and any swelling. Getting around when you have a sprained or strained ankle is difficult, especially because you must keep off of the affected ankle. As a result, our urgent care clinic offers crutches to keep you mobile.

Accepting most insurance options and open seven days a week, we’re here for you when you’re experiencing sprains and strains.

We know that a strain or sprain is painful and needs attention quickly. Our staff of doctors knows that time is of the essence when treating joint injuries so as to prevent them from becoming worse. Our clinic is open seven days a week and is equipped with experienced medical professionals to provide sprain or strain treatment when you need it the most. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in the emergency room, contact or visit our clinic today to get the care you need in a quarter of the time!