X-Rays & Splinting

Westland, MI’s X-Ray Clinic of Choice

X-Ray Clinic - Splints Westland Michigan - Premier Urgent Care - xray-centerOur splinting clinic quickly gets you back up and moving!

At the first sign of a fractured or broken bone, getting it stabilized is imperative. If not, you can be causing more damage! Premier Urgent Care offers quick splinting and x-ray services to both children and adults to promote healthy bone healing. No matter if your broken bone is a product of an intense football tackle or an unexpected slip, trust our doctors to examine the break and begin the healing process!

It’s a common misconception that the emergency room should be your first stop when you suspect a broken bone.

Premier Urgent Care is well equipped with all of the technology and experienced physicians needed to diagnose and treat fractures. We can get you in and out in a quarter of the time that the emergency room takes, and for a much cheaper cost! We accept most insurances and even have affordable payment options for the uninsured. To save more money, take a look at our specials!

When you arrive at our urgent care clinic with a broken or fractured bone, we’re ready to help.

With zero wait times and an exceptionally attentive staff, this isn’t your average emergency room treatment. You’ll be greeted with a smile and assisted to ensure your comfort while our experienced doctors examine the severity of your broken bone. We start with an x-ray, which is conducted in-house for quick, in-depth results. From there, our physicians will examine if the bone is indeed broken or simply has a small fracture. Either way, they’ll provide a splint that starts the healing process effectively.

The healing process of your broken or fractured bone can take anywhere from weeks to months.

Depending on the severity of the break, a splint or cast can do a proper job of aligning the bone to heal. From there, it’s simply a waiting game for your body to recover and grow new tissue. However, in extreme cases, a break may require surgery and physical therapy. At Premier Urgent Care, we can evaluate the severity of the break and provide a temporary splint before referring you to a nearby hospital, if necessary.

In the event you believe to have a fractured or broken bone, contact or visit Premier Urgent Care today! We’re open seven days a week and are ready to help you begin your road to recovery.